Can You Avoid Home Foreclosure?

Difficult economic times have resulted in a record number of foreclosures throughout Florida and the U.S. If you have received a foreclosure notification, or even have received the threat of foreclosure, it is time to explore the options you have for addressing or preventing the foreclosure.

Our attorneys at the Jacksonville, Florida, law firm of Sacks & Sacks Bankruptcy, P.A., have years of experience handling foreclosure issues, as well as bankruptcy matters. We take the time to thoroughly review our clients’ situations in order to provide them with the most realistic options for dealing with debts and potential home foreclosures.

Though lenders are speeding up the foreclosure process, a foreclosure may allow you to stay in your home for an additional period of time. This can help you get a handle on some of the other debts you may be facing and decide where you will go after the foreclosure is complete.

Foreclosure Avoidance Options

There are a number of ways through which foreclosure may be avoided, such as:

  • Loan modification
  • Short sales
  • Deed in lieu of foreclosure

However, it is important that before you make any decisions that you consult with a lawyer who can provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your situation and determine which option may be best for you.

Most individuals who are facing foreclosure have other debts as well, such as medical bills, credit card bills, unpaid taxes and many others. Most of these are unsecured debts that may be dischargeable in bankruptcy. While bankruptcy may or may not allow you to keep your home, it may be the step forward that you need to get a fresh start. We can help you file Chapter 13 bankruptcy or Chapter 7 bankruptcy once we determine which is right for you.

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